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Cash For Car Wreckers

Cash for Car Wreckers are an Australian-owned car removal business based in Melbourne, and our services extend from car removal, to car valuation, to car recycling.  Through our years in the auto wrecking and cash for cars industry, we have developed connections and acquired the best equipment to ensure your car is removed effortlessly and without hassle.  We pride ourselves in providing great customer service both in quality of service and responding to customer queries and issues.  It isn’t a mystery as to why we’re one of the leading car removal specialists in the Melbourne area.

If you would like to enquire about what we can do for you or how much you can make, call us now at 1800 074 676 or use our online form to talk to one of our experts.

Easy Cash for Cars

At Cash for Car Wreckers we pay YOU up to $9999 for your old, unwanted or damaged cars.  We don’t try to undercut you; we don’t try to haggle you for prices.  Our veteran examiners have had years of experience in appraising hundreds and hundreds of cars.  From pristine SUVs, to completely totalled sports cars, you can rest assured that we will give you the most accurate value for your car.  We guarantee you won’t find a better offer in Melbourne.  We pay top cash for cars and we mean it.

So don’t worry about listing your car up for sale or finding a buyer.  Maybe you might go so far as to personally dismantle your car for spare parts, for reuse or listing them separately in the market.  Chances are, it might not end up as well as you were expecting.  Finding the right buyer and personally handling your car can be equally as stressful, time-consuming and overall not worth the effort.  So leave your car with us, and we will do all the heavy lifting and tiresome work for you.  Our car removal specialists are equipped with years of experience and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that from removal to disposal, the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.  We use our multitude of connections to make sure your car and its parts go to all the right places, so that they can be properly recycled for other purposes.  And we do all this for you, whilst giving you quite hefty cash for cars you don’t even want anymore!

We at Cash for Car Wreckers accept any car – that means any model, any size, any condition, any age.  We accept any and all types of cars, and will give you top cash for cars such as 4WDs, UTEs, Vans, Jeeps, etc.  This means you can have 15 year old sudan that’s long past its prime, and we’d accept it.  You can have an accident-victim 4WD with doors busted, missing tires and a crumpled engine, and we’d still accept it.  We have great confidence in our appraisals to make sure you get top cash for cars, no matter what state they are in.

If you’re an environmentally-aware person, you can also rest easy with us.  We make it a commitment to ensure that your car is recycled in the most efficient way possible.  Our scrap yards are capable of dismantling any car properly so that it’s parts can be reused for a plethora of other applications.  So rather your car just sitting on your yard and being a environmental and safety hazard, you can be proud of yourself knowing that you’re helping the environment.  You also get to reclaim a nice chunk of long-lost yard space, as well as make tons of cash for cars you don’t want in the process too!

Don’t wait.  Be ahead of the pack and contact us today at 1800 074 676 or use our online form and make a fortune with us!

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“Cash for Car Wreckers did a great job for us. Within a very less time schedule they did an absolutely remarkable work.”

Elan Katharin

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“I am very glad to extend my thanks to the entire team of Cash for Car Wreckers. The excellent work they offered us made us is really wonder. Once

George Joseph